Virtual Tour of Conor O’Neill’s – Part 1

Conor ONeills Irish Pub in Boulder ColoradoOutside Blue?
Why is the facade painted in blue and not in green if we’re an Irish Pub?

The shade of blue chosen for the front of the pub is the same color as St. James’ Gate, Dublin, the home of the Guinness Brewery.

Shop Pub
Upon entering Conor O’Neill’s you notice our representation of a traditional Irish shop pub. In old Ireland it was common to have a store that sold groceries and supplies during the day and beer and spirits at night.

There are tin advertising signs on the walls along with some painted signs to “showcase our wares”. Immediately in side the doors there is a display case that holds T-shirts, polos, sweatshirts, sweaters and hats that we actually do sell. There is a functioning fireplace in the shop pub and an autographed game jersey from the Boulder Nova, a local semi-pro soccer team sponsored by Conor O’Neill’s.

Irish Signpost in BoulderIn the middle of the shop pub are 4 traditional street signs that point to directions with special meanings:

— Midleton – the hometown of Colm O’Neill

— Valentia Island – location of the quarry that the stone used in the pub came from

— Galway – a large city on the west coast of Ireland

— Beal na Blath – (the sign points to the Michael Collins area) the town where Michael Collins was assassinated

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